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Illustrator + Designer + Actress

Illustrator + Designer + Actress

I'm a Spanish queer feminist artist, and I've felt fascination for all kinds of art since I was a tiny animal. I also love to dance wildly, read subversive comics, autumn, abysses, rain and bonfires; and I love to sing and listen to intimate, whispering and a bit terrible songs.

I strongly believe that art is a form of magic, an emblem, a lullaby or a weapon that must shout, roar, laugh or caress in our name, and speak about all those voices and things that must be heard and seen. I love to illustrate strange stories, and getting hopelessly lost amongst dark, mythological, esoteric, symbolic, ancient and contemporary stuff.

I have illustrated several young adult books (you can take a look at them here). Besides this shop, I have a an Etsy store, and also manage a bastard and insurgent brand of T-shirts designed by myself called The Slut Army.

As an actress, I understand performing as an immolation and theatre as a liturgy. I was lucky enough to find some other souls that cherished the same crazy ideas, and together we founded the theatre company and multidisciplinary collective STRIGA, where I perform, sing my terrible songs, design and take charge of our website and other image-related matters. Occasionally, I also work as an alternative model.

Besides my website, I have a blog where I post drawings, sketches, work in progress, photos, projects, news and other personal, cozy and (sometimes) informal material. Likewise, I feel specially comfortable and passionate on Twitter and Instagram, but you can also find me on Facebook. Visit me there too, I will be very happy to meet you!

For commissions or inquiries, you can contact me at info@mardelvalle.com.